Getting Started with APE

Automated workflow composition with APE can be performed through its command line interface (CLI) or its application programming interface (API). While the CLI provides a simple means to interact and experiment with the framework, the API provides more flexibility and control over the synthesis process. It can be used to integrate APE’s functionality into other systems.

My first APE run

Get the latest version of APE_UseCases by either downloading the master (zip) or cloning the repository:

git clone

Download the latest version of APE-2.3.0-executable.jar and add it to the root of the project (~/git/APE_UseCases). Navigate to the root of the project and execute the jar with an argument that is a (relative) path to the configuration file.

cd ~/git/APE_UseCases
java -jar APE-2.3.0-executable.jar ImageMagick/Example1/config.json

See Use cases and Demos for more information about the results and on how to execute the composed workflow.