Introduction to APE Web

About APE Web

APE Web is a website build around APE to provide a user-friendly interface for using APE. It allows users to set up and share domains, and run APE to explore workflows online. The inputs, outputs and constraints for workflows can easily be configured via the interface. Additional tools are also included, such as a visual constraint sketcher and workflow comparer.


APE Web is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.



The front-end is built in TypeScript using Node.js, with the most important dependencies being:


The back-end is built in Kotlin, with the most important dependencies being:


This project was initially developed by students from the bachelor Computer Science at Utrecht University within the Software Project course, and students from Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht:
Silvan Eelman, Koen Haverkort, Alex Janse, Matthijs Rademaker, Megan Tjoeng, Inge van Dam, Jeroen van der Wal, Sem van Nieuwenhuizen, Rense Wolters, Sarrisa Wouts.

The project was later further developed by the following contributors:

  • Vedran Kasalica (v.kasalica[at], lead developer

  • Koen Haverkort, student developer

  • Anna-Lena Lamprecht (anna-lena.lamprecht[at], project initiator and principal investigator