The use cases aim to describe the domain knowledge that has to be provided, comprising Domain ontology and Tool annotations).

Each of the uses cases represent a different scenario:

  • ImageMagick - a basic demonstration case of editing and constructing images using automaticaly synthesised scripts

    • Example 1 - generate a postcard from an image

    • Example 2 - change one color in the image to another color

  • GeoGMT - case of solving a problem of map creation presented it [1].

    • E0 - focuses on the initial workflow sinthesys step, labeled as E0 in the paper.

    • E1 - focuses on synthesis of an extended workflow (w.r.t. E0), labeled as E1 in the paper (Extension 1: Annotations).

  • MassSpectometry - case of automated workflow composition in bioinformatics. more specifically mass spectrometry-based proteomics [2].

    • No1 - use case describes the 1st Use Case described in the paper, labeled as No. 1.